Valerie O Photography

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Photography Exhibition May 2-July 4 2011

Where: Fair Bean Coffee 2210 S. 1st St. Austin, TX

What: Valerie O Photography Solo Exhibition

When: May 2-July 4 2011

Valerie Olivas is one of Real Gallery's best sellers. Her photographic eye is unigue, interesting and sometimes quite playful. Her work seems to be irresistible by viewers. Her work is reasonably priced making it very affordable for her buyers. She exhibited with Real Gallery in May 2010 in the 2nd Street Shopping District. Real Gallery recieved a phone call in April 2011 a year later from a buyer in Tucson who spotted one of her bike art pieces online that was used in publicity for the show.

Real Gallery is a fan of Valerie O Photography. 512.775.0458

Valerie Olivas 512 659 5208

Visit Valerie O Photography at